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Kitchen Bathroom Contractor

You may be looking for a kitchen contractor to redo your kitchen or bathroom contractor. Look no further because we can revamp your kitchen or bathroom or build one from scratch. We are general contractors, and this means we offer “everything” needed to renovate, build or refurbish a space. We believe that Kitchens and bathrooms are spaces that require more than just a construction contractor. Thus, at Draco property development, we cover all the activities involved in designing the perfect kitchen or bathroom space for you.

Here is why you should choose us

We Handle the Entire Project from Start to Finish

A kitchen contractor has to work with electricity, plumbing, and construction. Hiring three separate contractors rakes up the costs and not to mention the miscommunication that comes with it. At Draco, you get access to all these services under one roof.

Our work transitions from one part of the remodelling/ renovation project to another seamlessly, leading to lesser costs and punctual completion.

We Bring Experience

Renovating a kitchen or bathroom can be a tough job, especially if it is a small space or there is too much going on. For most customers, the goal is utility expansion, which means adding more storage options, setting up appliance stations, or building open shelves to accommodate better reach when cooking.

For instance, a kitchen contractor must design an outcome that balances functionality and visibly appealing features. At Draco property development, you can count on us to use our years of experience to incorporate your vision into a practical design and do so while keeping the costs at a minimum. We believe in open communication, and if there are any complications through the planning process, we make sure to discuss with the customer, take their opinion and then go ahead with the rest of the project accordingly. Our experts will never overpower your idea of an ideal kitchen with their opinions.

Similarly, when searching for the right bathroom contractor, you must consider what they bring to the table. As bathroom contractors, here is what we do

Access To Previous Work

Nothing like real references to determine what our work looks like. We value all our customers, and the projects we complete are close to us. We take pride in delivering uncompromised quality, and if you want to go through our previous work, we will provide you with the relevant details and pictures to examine before you finalize a renovation with us.

Complete Transparency

When working with a bathroom contractor, you must trust them. We build trust by being completely transparent with the pricing, materials, and timeline of the project. We never oversell and let our work speak for itself. The goal is to create lasting relationships, and overpricing does not accomplish that.

As you know, bathroom renovation materials can easily rake up thousands in billing as you can go all out with fixtures, tiles, shower glass, storage, bathtubs, and everything in between. We make sure our customers know the proposals and only start after they have given us the green light.


We have extensive experience in building and renovating bathrooms across Canada. We can work with different designs, materials, space restrictions, and plumbing networks. According to us, an experienced bathroom contractor offers flexibility regarding which material you want to use and your budget. You can expect our team to deliver impeccable services and participate in the planning process for stress-free project execution.

From choosing the materials to designing a layout that incorporates practicality and function, our experts can assist you through each step of the way. In case of plumbing relocation and structural changes, we can work with our construction crew to plan accordingly and deliver practical solutions for your examination.

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