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Home Renovation Contractor

If you are looking for reliable home renovation contractors in Brampton, Draco is here for you. We focus on quality and customer convenience for every service, leading to a sense of reliability and a reputation for being the experts at our work.

What Do We Do as Home Renovation Contractors?

We refurbish certain parts of the house or the entire property from top to bottom. The goal is to either redo the place for a new look or fix any structural damage. For some homes, renovation is more of a necessity, especially if you are moving into an ancestral property or an old one.

As home renovation contractors in Brampton, we have worked on projects focused on aesthetic appeal and those that required fixing and repair. This gives us an extensive understanding of materials and the world of construction, including the standings with suppliers and sub-contractors.

The process we choose for the home renovation is simple and effective based on the expectations and guidelines of the customers.

What Can You Expect Us To Do?

We are General construction contractors in Markham. This means that we work with general construction for homes and businesses from scratch and work on renovation projects. If you haven’t worked with a contractor before, we can introduce our services in some detail to explain how our crew works and what you can expect from us.

Site Inspection Before The Bid

This is a part of the construction work and quality results that we offer, pre-bid surveys act as estimation and inspection tools to create transparency for both the customer and the contractor. For us, a survey details down all conditions of the property, the work we would carry out there, and the time it would take us to arrange exactly what is needed to build or repair a place.

For the customer, this works as an estimation tool and helps us give you a real-time estimate of what it will cost or how much time it will take, and when we can start.


This is generally a part of the survey. As General construction contractors in Markham, we have experienced estimators on the team who can reach you at a designated time, carry out a careful survey, collect data, speak to you, and then create a report that takes the job further.

The estimator is in touch with market rates and climate, and with the data, they collect real-time estimates with real costs that can be discussed with our prospective clients.

Execution And Management

We have been home renovation contractors in Markham for over two decades. With time our organizational structure and project management have streamlined into a procedural approach. We dedicate time and resources to create a feasible plan which is then carried out by professionals.

You can expect us to manage the project from start to finish without leaving anything out of the road map. Even if there are any unforeseen circumstances on the horizon, our crew is trained to handle everything precisely.


This is our strong suit. We follow regulations and construction codes to a T. We also follow health codes and safety guidelines when working on your property. in case there is a need for permits, you can rely on our expert guidance to apply for the right documentation and get through the process without a hitch.

As reputable home renovation contractors in Markham, we have made it a point to stay up-to-date with prevalent regulations and merge them into our work ethic. Our crew is trained to understand the significance of lawful construction and contractor work.

Working Relationships

While we carry all our construction work in-house, we also maintain highly functional relationships with sub-contractors, suppliers, transporters, distributors, and plumbing contractors. We guarantee on-time completion, and our standing in the industry allows us to reach this goal.

If you need General construction contractors in Markham, we are just a call away.

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