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Basement Remodeling Contractor

Basements are often the neglected part of the house. This is due to how the home is constructed and whether there is any water damage or not. Draco property development is a basement remodelling contractor in Toronto. We have worked on many basements renovation projects and have found most basements in excellent shape but neglected due to lack of direction. Our crew can certainly transform your basement from a storage room into a fully functional space for use.

What Can You Expect From Us?

The work begins the moment you call us for estimates. Our procedure entails

Surveys And Initial Repairs

Basements tend to be moist and dark. This exposes them to mold and damages that require frequent repairs. Our crew of Basement remodelling contractors in Vaughan will begin by carrying out a detailed inspection of the basement to determine the degree of the damage before designing the correct plan of action.

Your basement may need some detailed repairs before any remodelling work can begin, and we are more than qualified to carry out these repairs. Covering the structural damages isn’t a permanent solution. Therefore, complicated maintenance is needed, and we at Draco knows about it.

Code Compliance Inspection

Your basement should be up to health and structural codes before the remodelling work can begin. Our crew will work with permits and address any boiler or laundry equipment framing. If you plan to close these spaces off from the rest of the house, you may need special permits that our basement remodelling contractors in Vaughan can help you with.


Planning is the initial stage of the project, and we begin by incorporating any ideas you have regarding what the layout should be. As Basement remodelling contractors in Toronto, we are familiar with the basements and their problems. Therefore, we plan for these structures and base the entire project on your directives.

The planning phase includes the initial findings, the repair work, remodelling procedures, sump pump backups and waterproofing, floors, walls, doors, windows, and final touches.

Preventative Implementations

Since basements are prone to organic growths such as mold and fungi, we put in preventative measures to stop the problem from initiating in the first place. We start by using paint and primers that are meant for masonry. These are followed by latex-based paints. Afterwards, this is followed by flooring installation covered with epoxy and resin to prevent any form of mold or mildew.

The materials we use to remodel basements are the key to longevity and problem negation. Our crew of Basement remodelling contractors in Vaughan has the experience, which brings an in-depth understanding of materials for basements.

How To Start?

Call us and speak to one of our experts. You can get free estimates over the phone by discussing the details of the project, including the basement state and if you have had any work done previously. We will then send in an estimator and get started on your project after the hiring is finalized.

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